'Chemical Switches' for Pyroptosis and Innate Immune Modulation

Based on deep understandings of the biochemistry, structure and function of various innate immune pathways, such as inflammasomes and pyroptosis, Pyrotech Therapeutics has built a cutting-edge small molecule drug discovery engine that discovers first-in-class highly selective and potent small molecules that precisely control the 'on' and 'off'  of innate immunity responses. Our focus is on advancing the field of pyroptosis and innate immunity through our proprietary in vitro screening technology and internal/external compound libraries, using advanced methods such as DEL, FBDD, and AIDD. This has allowed us to identify selective target hit compounds based on the most rationale mode of action. Additionally, our in vitro and in vivo drug evaluation technology and structure-based/AI-assisted drug design strategies enable us to optimize the potency and drug properties of these compounds. Our well-established CMC process and formulation development capabilities put us in a strong position to rapidly bring promising compounds into clinical evaluation.

Pyrotech has developed a world-class protein and structural biology capability. Biologists at Pyrotech have deep and comprehensive understanding of the biology regarding our project targets, which allows identification of the best compounds for manipulating the targets and investigates the precise mechanisms for target-compound interactions. All target protein preparation, crystallization and structure determination are conducted internally at Pyrotech. In four ongoing projects, we have determined the first high-resolution target-compound complex structures in the world, greatly accelerating our drug discovery progress.

Biologics-based Platform for Modulating Inflammatory Pyroptosis

Based on an internally developed bioregulatory onco-immune screening system and an efficient viral genome editing technology, Pyrotech has the capability to activate the body's immune response and overcoming the immuno-suppressive tumor microenvironment, generating the alteration of 'cold' to 'hot' tumors. Our new techniques will greatly enhance the breadth and depth of immunotherapy and provide brand new safe and effective choice for patients with tumors that do not respond to conventional immunotherapy.

Translational Science

We have generated and validated a series of in vivo models including a unique collection of genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs) and a variety of rodent disease models. We have developed in vivo capabilities, PK and early toxicology capabilities to support our discovery programs.