About Pyrotech

Founded in 2021, Pyrotech aspires to become a leading China-centric, original science-driven, global biopharma company that develops innovative therapeutics for unmet medical needs in the areas of inflammation and oncology. Pyrotech has over 100 scientists operating from Beijing, Shanghai and San Diego in the USA, and over 1/3 of the R&D team hold PhD degrees.

The scientific foundation of Pyrotech is provided by ground-breaking discoveries in Dr. Shao's lab in the National Institute of Biological Sciences, which a world leader in the field of innate immunity and pyroptosis research. Use of diverse cutting-edge technologies for screening, optimizing and synthesis small molecules, coupled with close collaborations with clinical translation organizations, enable Pyrotech to quickly discover and develop first-in-class innovative innate immune modulator drugs to treat inflammatory diseases and oncology indications.

Our Vision

Treat the Untreatable Diseases

Inflammation resulting from innate immunity responses are associated with the majority of the human diseases. Unlocking the secrets of innate immunity modulation provides promising solutions to manage and even cure many inflammation-related diseases such as tumors, sepsis, and Alzheimer's disease. Pyrotech's mission is to treat major un-met medical needs based on breakthrough science and excellence in drug development.